Does stretching help your body grow taller?

Answer Height is determined by the length and alignment of the bony segments composing the skeleton, not by muscle length. Stretching cannot make you taller, but if the muscles that help maintain your pos... Read More »

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How do you grow taller by stretching?

Stretching exercises can help you to improve your posture. You'll be surprised that how much of "Height" is hidden behind your slouched back. You can improve height by improving your posture.

What do you need to help your body grow taller?

A person's height can directly effect all areas of life. Though much of a person's final stature is dependent on genetics, there are a few controllable factors that affect growth.Factors That Affec... Read More »

How to Get Taller by Stretching?

Do you want to be taller? Are you the shortest person in your class? Well this article can give you tips and tricks to just how to do that.

Does stretching/exercise/workout make you taller?

yoghurt, cheese, and boiled chicken. Your bones need phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium while your muscles need water, protein and carbohydrates to grow. Since you are growing taller, both your mus... Read More »