Does stress contribute to grinding your teeth at night?

Answer Yes. I believe a dentist can give you a night guard, or you can buy one at the drugstore, but grinding a lot - like I do - ultimately loosens your teeth and messes them up and puts a lot of stress... Read More »

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How can you stop grinding your teeth at night if the mouth guards did not work?

Answer Mouth guards aren't intended to stop grinding. They are to help get some pressure of teeth and protect them from damage. Talk to a dentist and they will help get the right guard for you.If y... Read More »

Can grinding your teeth at night really cause hearing loss!?

One study on PubMed does show a link between severe bruxism (teeth grinding) and hearing loss of some frequencies. But I won't worry about that. You will lose your teeth way before losing your abil... Read More »

Teeth grinding at night?

The medical term for teeth grinding at night is called Sleep bruxism. There are many possible causes of sleep bruxism, including sleep apnea and upper airway resistance syndrome. Each grinding epis... Read More »

How to Stop Grinding Teeth at Night?

Teeth grinding is known in medical terms as bruxism. Most sufferers grind their teeth in their sleep, so they may not even know they have a problem. People often find out when a family member hears... Read More »