Does stress cause fecal incontinence?

Answer On One Hand: Stress Does Not Cause Fecal IncontinenceFecal incontinence refers to the involuntary passage of stool. Over 5.5 million Americans suffer from fecal incontinence. There are many causes,... Read More »

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Does Medi-Cal pay for stress and urinary incontinence?

Medi-Cal, California's Medicaid program, traditionally covered all incontinence supplies for all types of urinary incontinence (including stress.) Due to a history of abuse and fraud, as of 2009 Me... Read More »

Is it normal to stress incontinence at 14 years old?

It's not normal to have stress incontinence at any age - however that doesn't mean that it doesn't happen to teens. Stress incontinence can affect anyone - at your age, it might be due to a urinary... Read More »

How does stress cause acne?

A huge part of it is that when your body is experiencing stress it focuses on basic survival mechanisms and protection (like abdominal padding) . Also you may tend to touch your face more or be on... Read More »

Does Stress Cause Wrinkles?

Stress does different things to different people. It can affect the physical body and have an impact on a person's mental state as well. Stress takes its toll in some unpleasant ways. Wrinkles may ... Read More »