Does storing too much e-mail in your Yahoo box slow your computer down?

Answer No, because its not stored or occupying your computer's HDD space. Are you meaning to say your drive is running out of free space? Its also possible that your HDD is fragmented. Its always good to ... Read More »

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Why does too much ram slow down your computer How can you have too much?

using 4 sticks of memory causes the latency to raise a considerable amount.when you removed the 2 sticks you were able to utilize a lower latency then previous thus allowing for better performance.... Read More »

Does yahoo messenger slow down a computer?

On One Hand: There Are Fixes OnlineOne of the strongest pieces of evidence that Yahoo Messenger slows down your computer is the wide array of fixes available online. Some of the flash advertisement... Read More »

Does MySpace slow your computer down?

On One Hand: MySpace Is a WebsiteIn its most basic form, MySpace is simply a website that users can visit using their favorite web browser. Like many websites, MySpace exists on a web server and on... Read More »

Does limewire slow down your computer?

yes limewire is very bad....And downloading free music from th einternet is illegalDO NOT USE LIMEWIRE