Does stop leak work on a heater core?

Answer On One Hand: Temporary Fix for Small LeaksA leaking heater core is normally caused by rust resulting from a lack of maintenance. If the rust has opened only a small hole in the heater core, adding ... Read More »

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Quick Fix to Stop Leak in the Heater Core of Dodge Ram?

A leaking heater core in a Dodge Ram--or any vehicle--can be a sizeable repair job, complete with a sizeable repair bill. Unfortunately, the nature of automotive repairs usually means things do not... Read More »

How to Fix a Heater Core Leak?

The heater core functions as a mini-radiator to bring heat into the vehicle's interior as the heater and defroster fan blows air across it. When heater cores go bad, they leak antifreeze onto the f... Read More »

Why Would a Heater Core Leak?

Automotive heater cores are radiatorlike devices that use hot engine coolant to provide warm air to the heater and the windshield defroster. Heater core leaks should be identified and repaired, as ... Read More »

How to Check for a Leak in a Heater Core?

A heater core, similar to a radiator in shape and function, is responsible for heating a vehicle's interior. The interior of the core is composed of a winding tube filled with heated coolant. The t... Read More »