Does stickam work with the nokia n800?

Answer The Nokia N800 supports the Flash 9.0 browser plugin, so yes, it will load Stickam's Flash-based system. However, the N800 does not have an on-board camera, which means the user cannot engage in ch... Read More »

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How to Download Music With Nokia N800?

The Nokia N800 is a cell phone that boasts a wide variety of media capabilities. As a result, you may wish to download music files onto the Nokia N800's hard drive or its microSD memory card. Becau... Read More »

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How to Get on a Webcam With Stickam?

Stickam is website that contains a collection of chat rooms which are webcam-enabled. This allows you to have a video and voice chat with multiple people at the same time. Each chat room has 12 web... Read More »

Will nokia bluetooth work with iPhone?

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