Does steam clean ceramic tile floors?

Answer According to Repair Home, steam does in fact clean ceramic tile floors, as well as countertops and carpeted areas. In fact, steam can clean just about any surface, ridding it of hard-to-reach dirt ... Read More »

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Is a steam mop safe to clean ceramic tile floors?

A steam mop will safely clean ceramic tile. When cleaning tile with a steam mop, use a gentle cleaner or one designed especially for ceramic flooring. Abrasive or acid-based cleaners may damage the... Read More »

Can you steam clean tile floors?

Steam cleaning is a safe, efficient and environmental way to get your tile floors clean. Although you might worry that the pressure from the cleaner could crack tiles, it will not. The pressurized ... Read More »

How do I clean ceramic tile floors with vinegar?

Prepare the SurfaceSweep the surface of the ceramic tile floor with a broom. Make sure you have swept all the dirt and debris into a dustpan and disposed of it in a trash can.Prepare the Vinegar So... Read More »

How do I clean mortar or grout from ceramic tile floors?

Mix PasteMix up a cleaning paste made up of 3/5 baking soda, 1/5 water and 1/5 white vinegar. says, "Take the mixture and spread it onto your grout."ScrubSpritz white vinegar onto th... Read More »