Does starting a car take more gas than letting it idle?

Answer Letting a car engine idle uses more fuel than starting it up. This was not true years ago when engines had carburetors and chokes, but fuel-injected engines now use less fuel when starting up.Sourc... Read More »

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Will letting a car idle build up the battery?

A car that is simply left to idle will likely fail to produce enough charge to build up a battery. When the engine is idling, the battery provides the power to run all of the vehicle's accessories.... Read More »

Can a starting capacitor lower a fridge starting draw from 2400 watts to 800 or less without damaging the motor and how can the size of capacitor needed be determined?

could be If you lower the start cap size it may take milliseconds longer to start so it will still use the approximate same amt of power.Size? search for "appliance repair parts" enter your model n... Read More »

Anyway of not letting anyone know?

When you Send them Friends you Can Remove the Recent Activity By Clicking on the X Than Delete you Can Also Add People to the Restricted List As Far As What They Write on your Wall and Comments ETC... Read More »

I've been letting myself go, lately.....?

I think you look fine. The camera easily adds 800 lbs and you're at a weird angle. Don't be so self conscious.