Does starting a car take more gas than letting it idle?

Answer Letting a car engine idle uses more fuel than starting it up. This was not true years ago when engines had carburetors and chokes, but fuel-injected engines now use less fuel when starting up.Sourc... Read More »

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Which operation on a PC requires more than idle speed?

A PC is idle whenever you are not actively using it. Many processes, such as automatic updates, may run during this time, which generally uses very little CPU time. Whenever you use your computer, ... Read More »

Does a shower take more water than a bathtub?

On One Hand: The Tub Holds a Fixed Amount of WaterAccording to the U.S. Forest Service, taking a bath uses about 36 gallons of water. The amount you use will be the same for every bath.On the Other... Read More »

Does NTFS take up more drive space than FAT32?

NTFS supports disk quotas, space management and file compression, which allows the user to control the amount of disk usage. It also provides less disk space waste in smaller sizes than FAT32. FAT3... Read More »

Will letting a car idle build up the battery?

A car that is simply left to idle will likely fail to produce enough charge to build up a battery. When the engine is idling, the battery provides the power to run all of the vehicle's accessories.... Read More »