Does starbucks make iced earl grey tea lattes?

Answer No, not technically. They only have zen, awake, and passion iced teas. However, you can make an earl grey tea thats double strength with some vanilla sweetener and have them give you venti cup of i... Read More »

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How to Make Earl Grey Pudding?

For those who love the tea, now comes the pudding version. Delicious!

How to Make Earl Grey Ice Cream?

Earl grey has a distinctive taste that is beloved by many. When used in ice cream, it is delicate and flavoursome.

How to Make Herbal Earl Grey Tea?

Herbal "Earl Grey" tea is a blend that you can make yourself at home, provided you have access to bergamot.Note that commercial Earl Grey tea does not use the herb bergamot but the citrus fruit ber... Read More »

Starbucks chai tea lattes?

I love cold soy Chai tea lattes and hot milk Chai tea lattes. I can't have soy that often, but this was my preference when I was drinking soy milk. When it comes to soy, I love these icy cold :)