Does staples give warranty on items?

Answer Yes, Staples do sell warranty's on almost anything electronic that they sell. Unfortunately their warranties (unless for computers) only cover mechanical failure on the device for an extra year pas... Read More »

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Does staples still give money for old ink cartridges?

staples, gives money for thier tapes but in differant 'way, now if you bring you cartridges, they'll a credit it to your card.3.00 for each tape, no credit , no problem they'll sent coupon within t... Read More »

What household items give off gas?

gas ranges, people, fire places & stoves

Quests That Give Good Items in "MapleStory"?

By completing quests in the MMORPG "MapleStory," you obtain items, experience and money. Although most quests reward you only with experience, others reward you with such helpful items as potions a... Read More »

Give examples of items measured in kiloliters?

A standard hot tub holds approximately 475 gallons of water or 2.313 kiloliters of water.Three standard bath tubs will hold approximately 1 kiloliter of water.1 kiloliter = 1000 liters.