Does spicy food really cure the common cold?

Answer It helps.I eat Jalepeno Peppers when I have a cold.It helps me breathe easier.It also gets rid of that Flem and Mucus.Hope you feel better soon.

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What are some common household tips to cure common cold?

well ma mom told me to tell you dat.......drink HALDI WALA DOODH.i mean milk with turmeric.HOT HOT................●๋•gєт ωєℓℓ ѕσση!!!!!!!●๋•

IS there any cure for addiction for oily and spicy food?

there is only one way..that the concerned person be forced by his own problems to leave them for some time...once she is able to stay away form them for a while she will never be tempted back easil... Read More »

Why isn't there are a cure for the common cold?

Most colds are caused by numerous viruses (mainly rhinoviruses, coronaviruses, and also certain echoviruses, paramyxoviruses, and coxsackieviruses), and althought you can treat the symptoms, you ca... Read More »

Best 'cure' for common cold?

What absolute horsesh*t! I bet you dont even have a proper cold, not like me.But try drinking onions, I HEAR thats good.=) 10 points please