Does spaying remove ovaries?

Answer Spaying is an ovariohysterectomy, which means both ovaries and the uterus are surgically removed. This makes the animal unable to produce any offspring. Pets that are routinely spayed include cats,... Read More »

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How much does spaying a cat cost?

The cost for spaying a cat can range from $100 to $200, depending upon your geographic location and veterinarian. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, a kitten can be spayed as... Read More »

How much does spaying cost?

The price for spaying an animal varies between veterinarians and the pet owner's region. A local Humane Society may offer the service at a reduced cost. The average cost for spaying at one of these... Read More »

Does spaying cost more than neutering?

Spaying is a more complicated surgery than neutering. Therefore, it typically costs more. As of 2010, the typical cost of neutering a dog, for example, at a low-cost clinic ranges from $45 to $135,... Read More »

Does spaying or neutering your pet hurt them?

On One Hand: Spaying or Neutering Is SurgerySpaying or neutering your pet is a surgical procedure that removes your pet's reproductive organs. Your pet must be put under anesthesia and could face s... Read More »