Does soy milk taste good?

Answer On One Hand: Refreshing, Earthy FlavorSince soy milk is made from a vegetable, it has a plant-like taste that is not present in cow's milk. Many people find this flavor refreshing and pleasantly ea... Read More »

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Why does freshly squeezed cow's milk taste different from the milk we buy in the supermarket?

because the milk fresh from the cow will still reflect what the cow has digested and the processes of pastuerising, skimming and ultra heat will not have had chance to reduce that freshness to a th... Read More »

How to Make Dry Milk Taste Like Fresh Milk?

While using powdered milk will never taste quite the same as fresh milk there are things you can do to improve the taste. Below are some tips and suggestions on how to use dry milk.

What does milk taste like?

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What does coconut milk taste like?