Does someone with mental illness have a learning disability?

Answer Mental illness and learning disabilities have no general connection. A mentally ill person is no more likely to have a learning disability than anyone else (although their condition might create c... Read More »

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Can you apply for disability if you haven't worked in 30 years due to mental illness?

You should of done it as soon as you got back from the holiday.

How do I have student loans wiped out due to mental illness?

If you have debilitating mental illness and cannot pay your student loans, you can apply for a total and permanent disability (TPD) discharge of your Federal Family Education Loans (FFEL); Perkins ... Read More »

Is it a mental illness to have a permentally high sex drive?

there's nothing wrong with having a high sex drive. a lot of people have it and others don't.

Can you join the marines with a mental illness?

It depends on what kind of mental illness and the severity of it. If you are currently taking a medication for it, then the answer is no. But if it is something small like minor depression or anxie... Read More »