Does someone in your home graffiti your keyboard?

Answer i have no idea but that's funny.

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If someone other than a resident of your home falls on a step is your homeowners insurance responsible?

Answer They could sue you for negligence and loss would be covered under your liability section of your homeowners policy. Also, they could recover doctors bills or medical for the incident under ... Read More »

How much does home owners insurance pay when someone is hurt on your property?

there is no way to answer this, it depends on many many things...what are the circumstances? how was the person injured? what are their injuries? etc etc etc...were you negligent in anyway or not? ... Read More »

Can temporarily disconnected (on your home phone) also mean someone has blocked your number from calling them?

What do you dial to make your home phone ring To trick someone to think someone is calling?

I just use my own computer to call my house-number, or cell....and it drives my family crazy!!!just use its free....or you can use any free SIP etc..