Does someone have to claim overseas retirement accounts?

Answer According to the Internal Revenue Service, Americans who receive income on foreign or overseas retirement accounts must claim them on their tax returns and pay taxes on the amount collected.Source:... Read More »

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Do I need tax forms for retirement accounts?

Unless you have made changes to your retirement account that resulted in the movement of money, or you have taken a distribution from your account, there are no separate or individual forms require... Read More »

How to Rollover Retirement Accounts?

Rolling over existing retirement plan assets requires first evaluating your financial situation. If you are changing jobs, you may take retirement savings with you by rolling them into a self-direc... Read More »

Are our retirement accounts safe?

The safety of your retirement account depends on the type that you have. The Washington State Department of Financial Institutions state that Individual Retirement Accounts are currently insured up... Read More »

Are retirement accounts insured above $100,000?

Retirement accounts are insurable up to $250,000, according to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. However, this does not apply to each account--the FDIC considers all accounts where you con... Read More »