Does solution focus therapy work with African Americans?

Answer On One Hand: Solution-focused Therapy is Not Race-basedThe basis of solution-focused therapy is trying to determine a brief, relatively quick solution to a specific problem, according to the Soluti... Read More »

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Now that an African American is POTUS, will African Americans start tipping in Restaurants?

There are some idiots out there who live in a state of denial. The truth is that some blacks are bad tippers, and it is a cultural thing as suggested above (although not an imperative). This is not... Read More »

How many African-Americans were in the first African-American Senate?

Hiram Revels of Mississippi was the first and only African-American in the first African American U.S. Senate, in 1870. He was a steadfast opponent of racial segregation after the American Civil Wa... Read More »

Why will the auto focus no longer work on my Nikon N150 It will take if I switch to M Manual focus but only clicks when I try to use Auto Focus?

Nikon stopped producing the D80 in August 2008 as it was replaced by the D90 :)

About the 100 Wealthiest African Americans?

African-Americans represent just over 12 percent of America's population. Their lengthy fight for equality is a documented part of the history of the United States. African-Americans are taking the... Read More »