Does solar energy work?

Answer On One Hand: An Established Alternative EnergySolar energy systems use sunlight to heat water in that circulates from rooftop cells around a physical plant and to excite photo-sensitive materials i... Read More »

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Does a solar panel need a solar motor to work?

No, in fact it is the other way around, a solar motor generally requires a solar panel to work. A solar panel produces electricity by absorbing photons from the sun. The absorption of the photons c... Read More »

How does solar get its energy?

The sun's light contains energy. Normally this energy turns into heat when it hits an object, but with the right surface the energy can be harnessed. Silicon and copper-indium-gallium-selenide are... Read More »

Does solar energy use water?

Solar energy does not use water. In fact, the sun is the only natural component needed to produce solar power. The sunlight is converted into energy through the use of specially designed solar pane... Read More »

How Does a Solar Car Conserve Energy?

Solar cars that fully depend on solar energy are not used commonly, as of 2010. Most practical solar cars have additional power sources, such as a battery or gas. This helps conserve energy.