Does solar energy produce harmful waste?

Answer On One Hand: Directly, NoAccording to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, using solar energy does not produce any harmful waste or environmental pollution as a byproduct. The benefit of sol... Read More »

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What Are Devices That Use Semiconductors to Produce Electricity From Solar Energy?

The word photovoltaic comes from words meaning light and electricity. So photovoltaic (PV) panels earn their name by converting light to electricity. Specifically, solar PV converts sunlight to ele... Read More »

How much energy can a 144-square-foot solar panel produce?

A 144-square-foot solar panel array would have the equivalent of 20,736 feet of solar panels. In ideal conditions a square foot of solar panel will produce between 8 and 10 watts. Multiplied by 20,... Read More »

Is waste to energy a renewable source of energy?

The U.S. Energy Information Administration classifies waste-to-energy production as part of biomass energy production, which covers energy from organic materials such as wood, crops, garbage and al... Read More »

How to Live Sustainably With Solar Energy (Solar Photovoltaic / P.V. Electric Power)?

large solar panelsSolar energy is an easy-to-use, generally safe, clean, and renewable resource. Here's how to make the most of it for living off the grid, in a developing country, or even outside.... Read More »