Does software on your computer affect download rate?

Answer Depends on the software. Most applications you buy off the shelves dont. On the otherhand, there are p2p sites, gaming sites, sites that require you to download files can sit sneakily in the backgr... Read More »

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Is AVG the free download software for protection for your computer.. is it safe and does it do its job?

Is there a singing software that is free to download to rate or score your singing performance?

No, there are no FREE software applications for what you want it for.There are a handful of decent systems that will do this, but they are rather expensive..

Does your size affect your RESTING heart rate?

Why Does Music Affect Your Heart Rate?

Music has a powerful influence on a listener's heart rate. If you have ever felt a surge of energy when your favorite upbeat song comes on the radio, or if you listen to slow music to relax, the em... Read More »