Does softener salt affect nutrition?

Answer On One Hand: Water Softener Converts Nutrients to SaltSoftener salt works by removing magnesium and calcium in water and replacing it with sodium. According to the Mayo Clinic, "an 8-ounce (236 mi... Read More »

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What is the nutrition statutes in Tennessee and as a fitness nutrition specialist how will it affect your practice?

You need to contact the Tennessee Board of Health to get all the info on nutrition as pertains to your specialty. I believe you must also be licensed by the state.

Can you use any kind of water softener salt in a dishwasher designed to use such salt specifically a Miele?

use a blow drier to melt the wax again then using a wet towelette wipe it up! works wonders!

How do i add salt to a softener?

Pour rock salt, solar salt or evaporated salt into the water reserve according to the directions on the salt package and the water softener manual.Check the water softness about once a month.Source... Read More »

How do I calculate how much salt my softener will use?

Take a Water SampleTake a sample of at least 1 oz. of water, and send it for testing at a certified water testing laboratory. The resulting numbers are "grains per gallon (gpg)," and iron and manga... Read More »