Does sodium help grass grow?

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Will putting hay over freshly planted grass help hold moisture and still let enough sun in for grass to grow?

Hay spread thinly will help, but your best bet is straw. It is not as heavy and also won't hold seeds from left over weeds like hay does.

Do ashes help grass to grow?

On One Hand: Strong FertilizerAsh is perhaps the most natural fertilizer as it contains valuable neutralizing agents such as calcium, magnesium and potassium which help to raise pH balance in acidi... Read More »

Do vinegar and water help grass grow?

Vinegar is acidic. Many plants must maintain a balanced pH and would be negatively affected by the vinegar causing the pH baseline to turn acidic. Water does help grass grow, however.

Does grass grow in the winter?

Yes, grass can grow in the winter. However, all varieties may not withstand harsh temperatures, such as those in the northern part of the United States. In that area of the country, you may need to... Read More »