Does soap dry out your skin?

Answer On One Hand: Soaps Remove Oils from Your SkinSoaps remove oils from your skin and can cause dryness. Pure soaps that do not contain moisturizers as well as soaps that are grainy (exfoliating) are m... Read More »

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What Pineapple Soap Can Do for Your Skin?

From pineapple salsa to pineapple upside-down cake, many enjoy pineapple as a sweet treat. According to Alexandra Avery Purely Natural Body Botanicals, bromelain (pineapple enzymes) also "digests a... Read More »

Will olive oil soap make your skin soft?

On One Hand: Olive Oil Contains Fats and VitaminsOlive oil has been used for skin and hair care for hundreds of years. Olive oil is a natural skin moisturizer that contains vitamin E and antioxidan... Read More »

What is a brand of pH neutral soap that is safe to use on your skin?

The Good Things Goat's Milk Soap Does for the Skin?

Many people prefer handmade soaps over commercial ones for various reasons. Commercial soaps can be harmful, especially to those with sensitive skin issues. Making or purchasing your soap handmade ... Read More »