Does soap clean dishes better than just hot water?

Answer On One Hand: Soap Cleans Better Than Hot Water AloneSoap releases grease and oil that water alone cannot wash away. Oil and water do not mix, but soap's chemical structure clings to both so the oil... Read More »

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How to Clean Dishes Without Soap?

Everybody knows that to wash dishes properly you need three things, soap, hot water, and an abrasive to scrub with.But when you're in the back woods you may find yourself without one or all of thes... Read More »

How does dish soap work to clean dishes?

Dish soap works to clean dishes by loosening and washing away food particles. The chemical and physical properties of dish soap lend it the ability to cut through grease and baked-on food with rela... Read More »

How to Clean Water Sediments From Dishes & Stainless Steel?

Depending on your area, type of water and filtration system, tap water has mineral deposits. These deposits include calcium, lime and rust. The deposits build-up on dishes, especially in etchings a... Read More »

Can you clean Timberland boots with soap& water?

Soap and water should not be used to clean Timberland boots. Instead, try a mixture that consists of equal parts white vinegar and water as a cleaning solution. Use a soaked rag, dabbed in the sol... Read More »