Does snail cream really work for scars?

Answer On One Hand: Beneficial IngredientsThe common brown garden snail (Helix Aspersa Müller Glycoconjugates) secretes a thick, slimy substance full of enzymes, peptides and even zinc, copper and iron t... Read More »

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Does snail cream really work?

On One Hand: Promising ClaimsHelix aspersa is the common brown garden snail. Its viscous, slippery secretions keep the snail's delicate skin safe from damage from its own shell and outside dangers.... Read More »

About Snail Cream?

Snail cream is a skin care product derived from snail slime. While it may not sound pleasant, snail slime possesses medicinal properties and treats a variety of skin conditions. D... Read More »

Does Ambi cream work as far as getting rid of acne not just acne scars?

Hi I used Ambi on my face, and it actually did help my acne a little. It really helps to make your skin tone even. It fades out any dark spots and blends everything together. Basically, it is suppo... Read More »

Is there any cream that will remove scars and pimples!?

Try using honey it's gets rid of scars and pimples . And try oatmeal as wellIf you have the following :Dry skin Oily skinAcneAcne scarsFlaking PeelingRedness and irritation Clogged/enlarged pore... Read More »