Does snail cream really work?

Answer On One Hand: Promising ClaimsHelix aspersa is the common brown garden snail. Its viscous, slippery secretions keep the snail's delicate skin safe from damage from its own shell and outside dangers.... Read More »

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Does snail cream really work for scars?

On One Hand: Beneficial IngredientsThe common brown garden snail (Helix Aspersa Müller Glycoconjugates) secretes a thick, slimy substance full of enzymes, peptides and even zinc, copper and iron t... Read More »

Does lifecell cream really work?

On One Hand: It helps in the aging processAccording to the manufacturer, Lifecell Cream is an anti-aging face and skin lotion that combines ingredients to provide an anti-wrinkle cream, firming cre... Read More »

Does caracol cream really work?

On One Hand: Effective IngredientsCaracol Cream is an anti-aging product that promises to smooth, tighten and protect skin. It contains multiple ingredients that are recommended by dermatologists t... Read More »

Does DHC anti-wrinkle cream really work?

On One Hand: DHC wrinkle cream uses Trehalose.Trehalose, the special ingredient in DHC wrinkle cream, is a sugar molecule that allows plants in the desert to survive droughts and hectic conditions... Read More »