Does sn iPhone break easy?

Answer Once you have the update you simply hold down an app to edit app and pick it up and drag it over a top of anything until a box or " folder" forms and release

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Does the iPhone 4S break easy?

Ive had mine for 3 months , and dropped it 3-4 times and it's perfectly fine, I suggest to hold it tight over pavement and rocks etc, the screen is most likely to bream before anything else , I've ... Read More »

Does the iPhone 4 break easy?

It is unlocked with an expansion pack available in the app store

Does the iPhone 4 break easily?

The thing you should care about the most is the back and front of the iPhone. The reason I'm saying this is because not just the screen is made of glass, so is the back. Don't sit on it. If you buy... Read More »

Does the iphone 5 break easily thanks.?

i dont think so cause i used it and it dropped 8 times from my hand but nothing happened. it didn't break. But, it depends on the quality , you see?BTW, your pro pic is nice!!!!! :D