Does smoking weed make someone skinnier?

Answer to the people above, theres a difference between buying food you need to eat to survive and buying munchy food. But yeah i don't think just smoking weed makes you skinny. I know potheads that are... Read More »

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Can smoking make you skinnier?

On One Hand: Quitting can Result in Weight GainAccording to, gaining weight after smoking cessation is common. The reason is that nicotine, which is in most cigarettes, can act as an... Read More »

Does smoking weed make you lose weight?

no...not if they are doing other drugs then yes...or if they are addicted to weed then yes....but generally no weed doesnt make you lose weight....crack does!

Does smoking weed make you feel tingly?

everyone is different and everyone's first time is different. i have been smoking every day for 5 or 6 years and i don't feel tingly, i just feel relaxed and light headed. but my first time i did k... Read More »

Can smoking weed make your heart go faster?

Yes it can increase heart rate. Things like alcohol, caffiene and drugs can increase the sensitivity of the sinoatrial node.