Does smoking weed harm your baby in any way?

Answer Yes of course, that is why they tell you not to smoke it when pregnant.

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Your baby is four months old And you are dying to start smoking again will this harm your baby?

well smoking i one of the causes of SIDS if you don't know what that is, it is sudden infant death syndrome. but it unlikely for you baby to die that after he/she reaches 6 weeks old... but smoking... Read More »

What does smoking cigarettes, and smoking weed do to a growing fetus?

Stop smoking dope and coffin nails now or your baby will suffer the consequences. Marijuana and cigarettes are morally wrong, don't you know that?Brain damage, physical deformities, mental retarda... Read More »

Is smoking Cannabis/Weed better for you than smoking tobacco?

OH MY GOD.NONE of these people know what they're talking about! Please, if you listen to someone, LISTEN TO ME.WEED IS NOT SMOKED WITH TOBACCO. You certainly CAN, but usually people don't do that. ... Read More »

Does weed harm you in any way?

Im not going to say its right for everyone to smoke it, ive smoked it since I was 13, im 25 now, I don't have any serious health issues. Just an ulcer that I got from drinking