Does smoking marijuana cause cancer?

Answer Dana,Marijuana has aproximately 8 carcinogens - while cigarrettes have over 42. Orange Juice, in Comparison, has 12 - and a small town smog has about 80 - a city has about 120.Your body intakes and... Read More »

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Does smoking marijuana increae the risk of getting lung cancer?

According to some recent studies, NO, marijuana use does NOT increase the risk of lung cancer or any other type of cancer.Many cancer patients use marijuana to reduce the side-effects of therapy, a... Read More »

Why do marijuana smokers think that it is healthy and better than cigarettes Smoking is smoking right?

their just trying to justify the means. theirs almost 60 types of chemicals in weed that scientist dont even know of.

SMOKERS ONLY: Would you stop smoking if you saw someone die of smoking-related cancer?

absolutely i quit 22 years ago when my friend(who was my age)smoked like a chimney (as i did )drop ed dead of a heart attack .put my cigarette out when i heard the news and haven smoked since

Smoking marijuana for IBS?

The best medication for you would be watever works the best and causes the least ammount of side effects. If you eat it rather than smoke, it would be healthier (but some find that less effective).... Read More »