Does smoking give you gray hair?

Answer Smoking causes the hair's melanin production to decrease. Premature gray hair can also be a sign of a health-related problem and it can also be hereditary. Studies show 50 percent of Caucasians hav... Read More »

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Does hair turn gray or grow out gray from the roots?

SMOKING.......I would love to give up smoking. I know many of you out there will say just quit then......?

Think smoking makes you look sexy? That you could quit any time? Think again. Myth 1: Smoking looks sexy. Or at least, that's what the tobacco industry would like you to think. Well, it may look gl... Read More »

Does smoking weed give you a headache?

First of all.Its not that bad.Its medicine after all.Not illegal in all places.And people who use it for medication are disgusted by stupid people who only listen to TV and get their fake facts the... Read More »

Does gray hair change the texture of hair?

Grey hair cannot have a different texture from the rest of your hair, because it doesn't change the texture, because it is your natural hair and nothing can change that texture.Source:Q&A On Gray Hair