Does smoking effect your looks?

Answer It really ages people. Your skin will look grey, your fingers and teeth will go yellow and you will devlop bags around your eyes quicker than a non-smoker.

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How does smoking effect your physical appearance?

Everyone should be aware by now of all the health risks related to smoking, which should be enough to quit or never start. If that is not enough, consider the effects of smoking on your physical ap... Read More »

Does smoking marijuana for over 5 years effect your personality?

it effects different people in different ways.some would become fried (joe Walsh, Bob Dylan)some it would have no effect at allthe rest---somewhere in the middle

How Does Smoking Affect the Way Someone Looks?

Brake pad wear can be very dangerous to you if undetected. Your car may begin to drift to one side when braking or fail to brake at all. This can cause accidents and damage to other components of t... Read More »

Does anyone think smoking looks cool?

Unless you are Danny in Grease it is NOT COOL - gross!