Does smoking cause chest discomfort?

Answer On One Hand: Smoking Causes Chest DiscomfortSmoking can lead to several medical conditions that cause discomfort in the chest, including lung and other cancers, chronic bronchitis and emphysema (ch... Read More »

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I quit smoking about 3 days ago.. I'm havin chest discomfort. IS this normal?

Completely normal. Your lungs are now begining to clean themselves out which will lead to some chest discomfort, difficulty breathing, excess phlegm and increased coughing for a few days to a few w... Read More »

How to Eliminate Chest Congestion Caused by Quitting Smoking?

You already know that quitting smoking is an excellent choice to make for your health. During the first few weeks, you may experience some quitting related symptoms such as chest congestion. This i... Read More »

I been smoking for about 5 months but now when i inhale hurts right middle of my chest?

Sounds like you have weak lungs. Make sure that when you are not smoking you are breathing in as deep as when you are.

Chest feels heavy, unbearable pain on the left side of chest, is this a heart attack Help please!!!?

CHEST PAIN SHOULD ALWAYS BE EVALUATED BY AN ER. It may be too much caffeine today or too much stress, or wicked heartburn, but chest pain can be very serious and the headache could mean your blood ... Read More »