Does smoking affect memory power?

Answer On One Hand: Not a Normal Side EffectThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention do not list loss of memory power as a typical side effect of smoking. The side effects focus primarily on the car... Read More »

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How does smoking weed affect your memory?

You might forget the songs they played. When you're at the concert, you'll probably forget the last song they just played.

Does smoking one cigarette a day affect you as much as smoking like 2 packs a day?

Does a lens affect memory on a memory card or does just the mp of the camera?

Physical damage Electrical damage (including removal from camera (reader) while reading, shutting down host hardware while reading, static electric discharge)Magnetic damageInsertion in a reader co... Read More »

How Does Smoking Affect the Way Someone Looks?

Brake pad wear can be very dangerous to you if undetected. Your car may begin to drift to one side when braking or fail to brake at all. This can cause accidents and damage to other components of t... Read More »