Does smoking Marijuana help or hurt migraines?

Answer oh, it helps...

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Can smoking marijuana hurt a fetus?

yes it is terrible for a god

Does smoking marijuana cause cancer?

Dana,Marijuana has aproximately 8 carcinogens - while cigarrettes have over 42. Orange Juice, in Comparison, has 12 - and a small town smog has about 80 - a city has about 120.Your body intakes and... Read More »

Why do marijuana smokers think that it is healthy and better than cigarettes Smoking is smoking right?

their just trying to justify the means. theirs almost 60 types of chemicals in weed that scientist dont even know of.

Does marijuana smoking turn teeth brown?

Answer Any smoking will discolor teeth. Answer There is more tar in marijuana smoke than tobacco smoke and tar will discolor your teeth, but, you could smoke marijuana once a week for 30 years, and... Read More »