Does smoking Cannabis after a while cause communication problems?

Answer Only because you are mostly asleep or eating and its hard to talk while doing either.

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Is smoking Cannabis/Weed better for you than smoking tobacco?

OH MY GOD.NONE of these people know what they're talking about! Please, if you listen to someone, LISTEN TO ME.WEED IS NOT SMOKED WITH TOBACCO. You certainly CAN, but usually people don't do that. ... Read More »

Can smoking cannabis help with heart palpitations?

it could definately help u relax, especialy if ur stressed. and these people sayin, "dont do weed! itll kill u!" it wont, and it doesnt, its one of the most harmless illegal drugs there is and will... Read More »

When did people start smoking cannabis?

According to 420 Magazine, the first known archaeological evidence of cannabis smoking dates back 5,000 years ago to the area known now as Romania, where a smoking container holding burnt hemp seed... Read More »

Hash brownies vs smoking cannabis?