Does small vessel disease cause poor judgment?

Answer On One Hand: Not DirectlySmall vessel disease, also called coronary microvascular disease, refers to a form of heart disease characterized by the narrowing of the small arteries. Common symptoms in... Read More »

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How serious is small vessel ischemic disease?

On One Hand: Ischemia Can Kill You Within DaysDepending on which small vessels it involves, ischemia (inadequate blood flow to an organ or tissue) can threaten your life. In the brain, for example,... Read More »

Is small vessel ischemic disease dangerous?

On One Hand: The Disease Is CommonWhite matter abnormalities in the brain caused by small vessel ischemic disease are common in healthy elderly individuals. Deficits caused by small vessel ischemic... Read More »

How does poor living lifestyle and poor diet cause cancer?

They don't.There are no foods proven to cause or contribute to cancer, or to affect its progress = the only certain diet-related cancer risk is a diet high in red and processed meat, which is a maj... Read More »

How Long Does a Small Claims Court Judgment Last?

The amount of time a small claims judgment lasts varies from one state to the next. They generally last between three and five years.Source:American Bar Association