Does sludge stress the gallbladder?

Answer On One Hand: Most Sludge Causes Little or No StressThe gallbladder collects, processes and breaks down cholesterol with bile salts. When the cholesterol and bile salts are not properly balanced, th... Read More »

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Why does pain come from places other than the gallbladder during a gallbladder attack?

It is what they call radiating pain, similarly when people with heart infarct (angina pectoris) report pain radiating in their arms/shoulders (phrenic nerve irritation).

Why Does My Toyota Pickup Have Tan-Colored Sludge in the Coolant Reservoir?

The purpose of the coolant in your Toyota pickup is to cool the engine while preventing corrosion in your vehicle's cooling system. The presence of tan sludge in your coolant will cause your tran... Read More »

What does the gallbladder do?

It stores bile which is needed in food digestion.

Does an utrasound for a gallbladder hurt?