Does sludge stress the gallbladder?

Answer On One Hand: Most Sludge Causes Little or No StressThe gallbladder collects, processes and breaks down cholesterol with bile salts. When the cholesterol and bile salts are not properly balanced, th... Read More »

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Why does pain come from places other than the gallbladder during a gallbladder attack?

It is what they call radiating pain, similarly when people with heart infarct (angina pectoris) report pain radiating in their arms/shoulders (phrenic nerve irritation).

How to Get Sludge Out of an Oil Pan?

When motor oil loses its viscosity and weight, it becomes thicker. This is known as oil sludge. The oil pan is where most of the oil sludge buildup accrues. The thick sludge drains down from the en... Read More »

How to Reduce Oil Sludge?

Oil sludge is one of the most costly problems facing car owners today. More advanced engine designs often result in unexpected problems that cause sludge to build up in the engine's oil system. The... Read More »

How to Survive Sludge?

In some school science classes you are required to do a project called Sludge. In this project you will need to separate the solids and liquid and identify them, by participating in a series of exp... Read More »