Does sleeping too much make you tired?

Answer Absolutly!!! When we sleep chemicals are relased into our brains and too much sleep will definatly make you want to sleep more. Notice, when you stay awake too long you get spurts of energy until y... Read More »

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Does taking too much Vyvanse make you tired?

Vyvanse, a stimulant medication prescribed for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is more likely to cause insomnia than tiredness. However, according to the manufacturer's package insert, 2 ... Read More »

I'm never tired and sleeping very poorly?

If you lie still, watch television and do nothing the whole day you don't get sleep for sure, human body needs work,the mind and the body need to work on something, this makes the mind and the body... Read More »

Sick and tired of co-sleeping, please help!?

He needs to learn how to sleep on his own or you'll have this problem til death do you part. Put him in the spare room. If he whines, stay with him for a little while, but don't cuddle or have se... Read More »

Why does my dog move so much when he's sleeping?

If you own a dog, chances are you have observed erratic movements while the dog is sleeping. You might wonder what makes the dog move. Believe it or not, dogs have sleep patterns similar to humans.... Read More »