Does sitting down with your head between your knees help prevent fainting?

Answer yeah it helps me, esp if i can get outside into the fresh air when im feeling faint. Think its because your head is lower than your heart or something like that and fainting is when the blood leave... Read More »

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How to Prevent Fainting?

You know the feeling; dizzy, light headed, tunnel vision, and clammy (cool, pale, and sweat) you're about to faint. Have you ever wondered if you could prevent fainting before it happens? Here are ... Read More »

Head and shoulders knees and_________?

I'll bend over and touch my toes but don't ask me to cough :)

How can I prevent people from leaning/sitting on my wall?

the best way to prevent this and not destroy the look of the wall and at the same time enhance it is to erect a small trellis on the top of it and centred in the middle....looks good and you can p... Read More »

Bulletin Board Ideas for "Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes"?

Teachers of primary grades know the importance of colorful, eye-catching bulletin boards. Sometimes it is challenging to find original, creative ideas to decorate a bulletin board in novel ways. M... Read More »