Does silly string take paint off of cars?

Answer Silly String is a novelty item often sprayed on cars as a prank. If removed immediately, the product will not damage the paint on a car. Silly String left on cars for an extended period of time can... Read More »

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Does silly string hurt paint?

On One Hand: Not ImmediatelySilly string is often sprayed over a car as part of wedding celebrations and, due to its tacky nature, sticks to whatever it lands on. If wiped away before it dries, it ... Read More »

How to Remove Silly String From Car Paint?

Silly String is a popular children's toy consisting of a polymer-based resin canned with a propellant. Adult celebrants and pranksters are also fond of the product, which is often used at parties, ... Read More »

Does Silly String Stain?

The foam-like substance that is sprayed out of the silly string can contains paint that stains most surfaces with which it comes into contact. Most stains can be removed using soap and water or lau... Read More »

How do I clean up Silly String?

FabricsRemove Silly String from clothing while it is still wet. If the string rubs in to clothing then moisten the area with a wet, soapy cloth. Dab the area until the string residue is gone.Plasti... Read More »