Does shape of ice affect melting time?

Answer On One Hand: Surface Area and VolumeThe melting time of ice depends on its ratio of surface area to volume. If two ice cubes in the same location have the same volume, but one has a larger surface ... Read More »

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How Does Eyeshadow Affect the Color and Shape of the Eyes?

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Do Solutes Affect the Melting Point of Ice?

A solute is a substance that is dissolved into another substance called a solvent. In salt water for example, salt (NaCl) is the solute and it is dissolved into water (H2O), the solvent. Salt low... Read More »

Does drag affect flight time?

Drag is air resistance that slows the forward motion of the plane. When that happens, flight time increases. This increase in time is minimized by bigger engines, which increase the plane's speed ... Read More »

How does wormholes affect time travel?

Time travel is not possible. The effects of a wormhole would depend on the author of the story you are reading.