Does seedless watermelon taste different from regular watermelon?

Answer AnswerI don't think so, no.  AnswerSince seedless watermelons are highly hybridised I prefer the taste of the older varieties that preceded the need to breed for transportation purposes and other ... Read More »

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How is a seedless watermelon grown?

Although it sounds silly, the seedless watermelon is grown from seed! For an explanation of this somewhat complex process, see the web link to the left.In fact triploid seeds of watermelon used fo... Read More »

Is a seedless watermelon a fruit or a vegetable?

Even though it's seedless, it must have had seeds at one point. So it is still a fruit.

How do I plant seedless watermelon seeds?

ConditionsStart your seedless watermelon seeds indoors three weeks before the last spring frost date. Do not start earlier since large watermelon plants do not transplant well. Seedless watermelon ... Read More »

If a watermelon is seedless where do they get the seeds to grow the next batch?

Actually, triploid watermelons (seedless) are expensive to produce as they must be transplanted to the field rather than grown from seed. They do produce seeds, but instead of hard, dark seeds, t... Read More »