Does sea salt contain lead?

Answer On One Hand: Trace Amounts of Lead PresentIt is true that sea salt may contain lead, but usually only trace amounts. For example, an analysis performed by Dowsers, a seller of Celtic Salt, found le... Read More »

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Does beeswax contain lead?

According to Medicine Net, candle wicks contained lead before its use was banned in 2003. However, natural beeswax itself does not contain lead. The General Chemistry Online and Beekeeping websites... Read More »

Does pewter contain lead?

Today most pewter that is on the market is lead-free. Antique pewter is a different story. Often the pewter items in antiques are only thinly coated pewter over a different metal or alloy, and they... Read More »

Does PVC pipe contain lead?

PVC piping contains no traces of lead. First developed in the 1940s, PVC piping is manufactured from a plastic and vinyl mixture called polyvinyl chloride. It is commonly used in commercial and res... Read More »

Does Just For Men contain lead?

Just For Men hair color does not contain lead. Lead-based dyes have the potential to cause scalp burn or lead contamination. Just For Men is also ammonia-free and contains conditioners that protect... Read More »