Does scratching poison ivy make it worse?

Answer Does scratching any rash make it better?

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Will scratching eczema make it worse?

It will make it much worse. I'd suggest using really gentle products like Johnson's baby lotion or even Vaseline to get rid of it. It worked for me, and I tried everything

My poison ivy has gotten worse and is still spreading a week after it started. what can I do to stop it?

Just wait. I know, it will suck, but it will go away. If its spreading ALL over your body, it could've entered you're blood stream and spreaded all around you.

Ok i have poison ivy on 2 of the worse places you can get it. plus i have it on my face.?

I had to get a shot last time, I have used Calamine lotion in the past,but this time is didn't work. Next day, after the shot it was about gone.David

Does a cold make arthritis worse?

On One Hand: Common Colds Are All in the HeadThere are two main types of arthritis: osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Both affect joints but each have different causes. Viruses that cause co... Read More »