Does scotch whiskey get better with age?

Answer On One Hand: Aged Whisky Tastes BetterAccording to Whiskey Magazine, the longer a whiskey matures in the cask, the barrel it is stored in, the more flavor it acquires. According to the Scotch Whisk... Read More »

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Does scotch whiskey go bad?

Scotch whiskey will keep indefinitely, either opened or unopened. To maintain quality, it should be stored in a cool, dry place with the lid tightly shut. If the bottle has been opened, it will beg... Read More »

Does scotch whiskey make you relaxed?

On One Hand: Prompts Relaxation but Not SleepinessScotch whiskey, or any alcohol, in small amounts can make you feel relaxed. This alcohol-induced well-being stems from responses to reduction in br... Read More »

Does bottled whiskey get better with age?

According to, the age quoted on a bottle of whiskey is determined by the age of the youngest whiskey in the bottle. Whiskey does not mature in the bottle like wine and will always ... Read More »

When was Scotch whiskey invented?

Scotch whiskey was invented in 1494. The Exchequer Rolls of 1494 show 1500 bottles of distilled whiskey made in Scotland. The whiskey has to be produced in Scotland to be called scotch.References:W... Read More »