Does scanner need ink ?

Answer Scanners just take copys of images digitally. No ink required.

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Does a mac need a virus scanner?

On One Hand: They're SafeThere is no history of any especially tragic virus being written that will attack Apple (Mac) computers. In fact there are only a couple hundred known viruses that have bee... Read More »

Does this mean I need to replace my scanner?

Update the drivers on the scanner. If this doesn't solve the problem update your computer's USB drivers. Also check that your computer has 2.0 USB ports as the new cable will be a 2.0.

I need to transfer information from paper to computer without typing it all out again - does a scanner do this?

Scan them in and save them as jpeg. once you have saved them, go to this link and download FreeOCR.This little software reads your scans and automatically converts them to editable text in Microso... Read More »

I have a scanner and i need to save the picture on my computer but when i try says i need to download sotfware?

Did you install the software and driver for your scanner? If you dont have the driver, you can download it from the scanner mfg website.