Does saltwater affect a plant's growth?

Answer Yes. Some plants can only live in salt water, like kelp. Others are adapted to estruaries and marshes where the water is somewhat salty, and others can tolerate some salt in the soil, while others ... Read More »

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Does saltwater affect the growth of plants?

Saltwater does indeed have an affect on the growth and development of plants. Saltwater has been known to cause extreme dehydration and inhibit the development of the plants. While all plants have ... Read More »

Does tap water affect the growth of plants?

On One Hand: Plants Require Water to SurviveWater provides plants with important nutrition throughout their growing cycle. Regardless of whether you are using tap water or distilled water, water is... Read More »

How does cold water affect a plants growth?

Why does cold water effect plants? Because hot water burns the roots of the plant which cause it to die

Does the amount of water affect the growth of plants?

The amount of water available does affect the growth of plants. If there is not enough water for the plant in question, it will grow slowly, and stay small, and it may not flower or fruit. If there... Read More »