Does salt&sugar affect how fast water freezes?

Answer Salt and sugar in water affect the temperature at which it freezes. Normal water freezes at 0 degrees C, water with dissolved sugar will freeze at about -1.8 degrees C and salt water will freeze an... Read More »

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What freezes faster salt water or sugar water?

sugar is a covalent compound where as salt is an ionic compound,so salt while dissolving in the water splits. This is mainly dependent of the 'total dissolved partical' concentration (mol/L): Suga... Read More »

Which freezes faster: water or sugar water?

Plain water freezes faster than sugar water because adding anything to water slows down the time it takes to freeze it. That is because dissolving something in water lowers its freezing point, mean... Read More »

What should you do if your pool water freezes?

If you have an in ground pool, in freezing weather, make sure you leave your on pump constantly to circulate the water, if not you could have damage to your pump, and breaking water pipes. The wat... Read More »

Which freezes first: hot water or cold?

Hot water can in fact freeze before cold water can. This is called the Mpemba effect. This will happen when the hot water is at a boiling temperature. The resulting evaporation process will cause t... Read More »