Does salt&sugar affect how fast water freezes?

Answer Salt and sugar in water affect the temperature at which it freezes. Normal water freezes at 0 degrees C, water with dissolved sugar will freeze at about -1.8 degrees C and salt water will freeze an... Read More »

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Why does a Kenmore fridge (model #106) drip water down the back of the freezer compartment & freezes on bottom?

The defrost drain is clogged. Your refrigerator was manufactured for kenmore by Whirlpool and this is a common problem. Especially in the summer. You need to unplug the refrigerator, remove the foo... Read More »

Does bottled water or tap water affect plant growth?

Some tap water contains iodine, which can be harmful and/or affect a plant's growth. Many brands of bottled water have numerous minerals filtered out, which can also affect plant growth. Good old r... Read More »

What freezes faster salt water or sugar water?

sugar is a covalent compound where as salt is an ionic compound,so salt while dissolving in the water splits. This is mainly dependent of the 'total dissolved partical' concentration (mol/L): Suga... Read More »

Which freezes faster: water or sugar water?

Plain water freezes faster than sugar water because adding anything to water slows down the time it takes to freeze it. That is because dissolving something in water lowers its freezing point, mean... Read More »