Does salt make corn grow faster?

Answer No. Salt affects the uptake of water to any plant so it cannot make corn grow faster.

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Will salt make ice melt faster?

Throwing salt on ice makes the ice melt more rapidly. Salt disrupts the natural process of melting and re-freezing. Salt does not allow the re-freezing process to occur at the natural temperature o... Read More »

Can Plants grow faster in salt water or plain water?

Some plants need salt to grow, but not nesesarily salt water.

Does salt make water boil faster?

Salt water boils more quickly than pure water because salt water has a lower heat capacity, according to the Southwest Research Institute. However, this effect is noticeable only when water contain... Read More »

Does iodized salt melt ice faster than rock salt?

Iodized salt has no advantage over rock salt in melting ice and is usually available only in fine, granular form. Iodized salts are added as a dietary supplement to table salt to provide iodine, a ... Read More »